RESULTS: Mini Challenge #363 -- Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

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I did kind of surprise myself with a car topic since I'm not really into cars. But...I really loved seeing the images of the old classic cars along with some supercool airplanes. Choosing the winner was a lot harder than I anticipated this time. I'm really happy with the variety of entries, so first of all I want to thank everyone for participating over the holiday period. I know most of us were busy with traveling, friends, or family so I am pleased to see participation.

Olderwhiskey: I like your Surfin' & looking good image, but my favorite of yours is the Cowboy and Horse (power). It's a different perspective from most and I love that the lights and grill make it look like the car is grinning. Being from Texas was a bonus!

Grandma R: I love that you posted a train, a plane, and an automobile. :) The airplane needlepoint is very cool, but I love the car alone on the road with the cows in the middle of nowhere.

Cavalier: I love all three of yours. I have now decided that I must be a classic car fan because my heart just soared seeing the two you posted. Miss Daisy is awesome, but that 1939 Buick with the reflections of trees, sky, and pasture fence is fire! I love it so much.

GSPeP: Your three are all awesome as well. I love the different perspective of the bridge over the Rhine. Audi's grandfather is a beautiful classic car. But, Flying to the Moon is a seriously awesome shot. I love the exhaust coming from the plane and just the sliver of moon visible. I don't know how you came to get that one, but kudos to you.

Gatto: I love that British Invasion got a great car and colorful planes in one image. So cool. But, my favorite of your three is the VX-31 Dust Devil. The aircraft itself is pretty cool, but the reflection along with it makes it stand out.

bfluegie: Again I love all three of yours. I like the old Model A's in a line and I've decided that I must be a red car person along with classic cars, because that red 1948 Hudson keeps drawing my eye. I really love your 1936 Cord hubcap because it is a different perspective, but also because it has the 1926 Auburn 8-88 Roadster reflected in it.

sapphire73: Your Delorean is pretty cool. Not many of us have ever seen one of those, so to see one and also get a great image is pretty special. My favorite of yours is Traveling with Sheep on the Road. I guess I really like the humor of sharing the road with the animals, plus a bonus that it's a red car. For most of us it is unusual to see any type of farm animals or wildlife in the roads, so it adds something interesting to me.

Now for the winners. Ugh....I can't decide! Well, here goes...

Honorable mentions:
Olderwhiskey - Cowboy & Horse (power)
Grandma R - Car on the Road with the Cows
Sapphire73 - Traveling with Sheep on the Road

@Gatto - VX Dust Devils

2nd (tie):
@GSPeP - Flying to the Moon
@bfluegie -1936 Cord Hubcap

And the 1st place winner:

@Cavalier -- 1939 Buick

Congratulations to everyone for making me so happy with outstanding images. Happy New Year!

Sherry Pollett


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    Wow Sherry, I didn't expect the win, but thanks! Congratulations to everyone for some outstanding work. And special congrats to @Gatto for third, @GSPeP and @bfluegie for second. I will try to have the next one up by tomorrow. thanks again Sherry.

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    Thanks for running a great challenge Sherry @slpollett. It's always fun to go outside my comfort zone a bit. Congrats to Jo @Cavalier for the win. That 1939 Buick is so cool! I really liked all the entries. Congrats also to @GSPeP for second and @Gatto for third. And thanks for giving me a tie for second. I was a bit surprised given all the great entries.

    A little story about the Model A convention. My former next door neighbor had a Model A and belonged to a Model A club. On this particular day the club was having a rotating dinner party (a different house for each course). One course was at my neighbor's house. I came home to find all these classic cars lined up along the street where I live. The driveway corner at the bottom of the photo is my neighbor's. The barely seen driveway on the left just before the cross street is mine.

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    Congratulations to the winners (and myself for a tied 2nd place :) )

    Thanks @slpollett for organising this challenge.

    The "flying to the moon" I only discovered when processing the pictures (2011 Miramar Air Show). I have a similar one of a US Navy Blue Angel.

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    interessting mini. I was happy to have a chance to post that old poto with the cows

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