Adding the yellow Buy button to the top right corner on the gallery page images

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For years I have had the Buy button on each image within its gallery, and after noticing that most viewers do not open the individual images, but rather scroll through the pages with the multiple images, therefore missing buy button on the individual images I asked the wonderful folks at SmugMug if they could place a Yellow Buy button in the top right corner of each gallery image. The top right because there is too much going on along the bottom of the image.
After attempting to place the button as requested, our friends at SmugMug suggested that I pose the issue to the community. The SmugMug response is below....

"There is an entire area that is "hideable" that would under some circumstances have the title and caption in it that needs to be moved. Moving just that buy button doesn't appear to be possible. The code used to move it will position it great on landscape images, but not portrait images, and vice versa.
You might want to check here: https://dgrin.com/categories/smugmug-customization

Somebody in there may have further advanced customization skills or know a trick we do not".

I am not proposing to "move" the button, but to add the button.

A screenshot example is attached showing a gallery where the Buy button would, if possible, be added.

If anyone with advanced CSS knowledge can solve this issue it would be very helpful to many
Many thanks,
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