Problem when searching for keywords that include numbers

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edited January 28, 2024 in SmugMug Support
I'm a recent convert to SmugMug, and in almost every respect it delights me! I can't quite get my head around the way its search works, however.

To explain: I have a lot of galleries, and it seemed a good idea at the outset to include in the meta keywords section of the gallery settings the relevant year, e.g. "2023". Of course I now have galleries with the meta keyword "2024", but to my surprise when I search for those galleries using the search term "2024", the results list includes the "2023" galleries as well!

A little more testing suggests that using numeric keywords isn't useful for search at all. A search for "2024" matches "2020", "2021"... "2029". And it gets worse, as even if I embed the number inside a keyword, e.g. "YEAR2024SHOOTS" I still encounter the same issue with keywords that have "similar" numbers being matched.

Is this a bug, or one of those features that is so advanced it looks like a bug? If any of you more seasoned users could help I would be very grateful.


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