RESULTS - Mini Challenge #364 - Animals in Strange Poses

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Thanks to everyone who submitted entries to the Mini Challenge. Great entries and so many silly animals! Here are the results:


@jwear - I know you didn't want this one entered for judging, but like your neat-freak crow staring at you while removing (stealing) the trash. Don't think he was being altruistic in cleaning the earth, but a good deed anyway.

@olderwhiskey - Foxes playing is especially cute with their tails entwined and busy mouthing their "aggression".

@bfluegie - Squirrel doing what squirrels do - anything to steal food. Your timing is excellent!

@GSPeP - Love the ducks, but the goose and chicken friendship is special.

@shawnc - Not sure what the Great Blue Heron is looking at or if it is contemplating it's feet, but a great shot.

@grandmaR - Goats doing what goats do - showing off their balancing prowess. Nicely captured.

@slpollett - I wonder what Sugar is thinking when sitting like that? (Loved he shot of Abby & Cotton too)

@sapphire73 - great shots of the wild. My favorite is your "chunky" Leopard taking a nap. I like how you framed the shot where the intruding limb is placed perfectly so as to not hide the defining parts of the animal..

THIRD PLACE - @grandmaR with your urinating seal. Your description is right on as well! This one is right on topic!

SECOND PLACE - @shawnc - White Egret shaking out the hairdo. Love these birds and fun to see them without their regal stance or flight!

FIRST PLACE - @bfluegie - Flexible Great Blue Heron - Great catch, well framed with pretty bokeh background.


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    what a fun challenge. Thank you for the mention. congrats to bfluegie for a lovely GBH

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    Wow. I'm completely surprised. There were so many excellent and funny shots that I didn't expect first. I've said in the past that I only photograph wildlife if it crosses my path and I don't feel obligated to run. This guy was just sitting on a branch over a creek as I was hiking to a waterfall. He patiently sat there as I changed lenses and took a bunch of shots. Apparently he got a little itchy, and I got a funny shot. Congrats to Shawn @shawnc for second and @grandmaR for third. And to everyone else for all the cool HMs. It was good to see all the entries. And thanks to Jo @Cavalier for such an interesting challenge.

    Since I wasn't prepared with a challenge idea it may take a day or two to get one up.

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    Thnk ypu for running a really interesting mini and for the 3rd place I would have had a hard time picking

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