Add an image to an event where all galleries are password protected?

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I created an event with 25 galleries, each with a unique password. Once a client registers (or even before they do) they get to ask me for a password for their gallery. My alternative was creating 25 private events and sending out 25 links, which may have made it a little easier on the clients (no need for a password), but more work for me. I don't think my solution is ideal and I probably should be asking for advice on how to deliver individual galleries for proofing, but for now I just want to ask this: because all galleries in the event are password-protected, the event on my home page has an unsightly black square. How can I add an image to it?


As I was typing this, it occurred to me to add one unprotected gallery with one image I want to become my event image. Will test this now.

I still wanted to post this this to say hi. This is my first day as a Pro subscriber after 5 years as the Power subscriber.


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    atolkatolk Registered Users Posts: 4 Beginner grinner
    My trick sort of kind of worked. The one public photo I added to one public gallery I included in the event (and even arranged it to be at the top) showed up on the home page in the Featured Events block, then disappeared, then showed up, then disappeared, and has stayed black ever since.

    Before I tried this trick, when I was viewing my page as a logged in owner, I was seeing different random images from different galleries in the event show up as the event photos. Of course, when I tested my website in incognito mode, the square was black. Now that I specifically added one public gallery with one photo I expect SmugMug to pick it as the event photo, but it does not seem to be happening. Is this a bug, or is there a different way to assign a specific photo to an event? I guess my original question is not moot after all.

    What do you see as the feature event at https://www.oneinamillionshot.com/?

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    atolkatolk Registered Users Posts: 4 Beginner grinner
    As I repeatedly refresh my home page while logged is the owner, I see random photos (all of them from password-protected galleries, hence black box for a visitor) show up as the cover of the featured gallery. I am thinking about raising this as a bug or a feature request with SmugMug. Unless anyone has successfully "hacked" this feature and set the image of their choice as the cover.
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    trmkarstrmkars Registered Users Posts: 3 Big grins
    I see the black box.
    If you want to show a photo - you must set the folder or gallery image to a image that is available for everyone to see. This can be in a public gallery or a gallery that is only visible with a link.

    If you do not set the default image - it will rotate though available images within it's own gallery. You can see this password protected image because you are the site owner.

    Hope that helps.

    (as with the rest of this forum - even this "pro sales support" category has very little traffic)
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