Event favorites syncing not reflecting un-favorites

atolkatolk Registered Users Posts: 4 Beginner grinner
edited February 5, 2024 in SmugMug Support
Test case: Get an event invite, register as UserX, favorite 5 photos in an event on SmugMug. Owner in Lightroom clicks Sync Folders and Galleries + Sync Photos, gets a new gallery under SmugMug plugin called UserX's Favorites showing 5 photos. UserX favorites 5 more photos and unfavorites three from the original five. On SmugMug site the "UserX's Favorites" gallery correctly shows 7 photos: 5 + 5 - 3. Owner in Lightroom clicks Sync, gets the "UserX's Favorites" gallery updated to 10 photos: 5 + 5. All from the original round of faves plus the additions, but not subtractions from the second round.

Bug? Feature? Can anyone reproduce? Is there a way to pick a combination of "Sync Folders and Galleries", "Sync Photos" and "Sync Now" in Lightroom to get it to reflect the correct favorites?


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