Batch gallery migration from Smugmug to Local storage

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My 1st post here. I am excited to learn more from these discussions :)

I recently discovered that I should not have been uploading photos in the png format as the print houses cannot work with these.

So I have at least two years worth, hundreds of galleries that I need to convert to jpg.

1. Is there software that will convert these files on my smugmug site?

2. I tried Picbackman. It took at least four hours trying to build urls, and then it stopped before it even got close to reaching my file count, and told me the 500 migrate limit was reached. Each file downloaded had a zero byte file size. I tried its MigrateMan instead of the Migrate option. This seemed to work quick, and then paused asking for $640. It selected all 2100 galleries, but did not let me unselect all, so I could select the 300 or so galleries I wanted to download.

3. If I can ever get all of these files downloaded I was then going to convert all of these to jpeg files and then upload them back.

4. Is there any other software besides picBackman that can assist me with this problem?

Any and all support that you guys can offer would be helpful before I make my mind up to absolutely give up :(


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