Smugmug, ....... it's come to an end.

jontennantjontennant Registered Users Posts: 1 Beginner grinner
So I've used Smugmug for over 10 years, probably 15 years and I've had a pro account, never had an issue .
I'm a wedding, portrait, commercial photographer that also shoot boudoir and nude based in the UK.
I was contact by Nick at Smugmug that some of my photos broke the rules of Smugmug and he gave me 72 hours to remove the galleries.
I've had limited internet access for the past 7 days , and on the third day my Website had gone.
Thats 15 years worth of work ( I used Smugmug for storage ) 50,000 photos destroyed by Smugmug.
My partner left me last year, I was forced to sale my house and studio, my business partner has done a runner owing mt $300,000 and now SMUGMUG has distroyed my business.

I really have nothing to live for now.
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