Can I build/organise my site on an iPad

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Apologies if this has been asked before - I did a few keyword searches but didn't really find what I need.

I am in the process of contemplating downsizing from an ancient iMac and almost as ancient MacBook Air - to an iPad.

I have never used an iPad and am slowly researching what their limitations are for a one stop shop.

The major things I do online where I need to know for sure they will function on an iPad are my website building (I have asked this identical question on my site building forums) and my photo albums here.

So I am wondering if I can build & organise my SmugMug albums on an iPad?

Is the interface exactly like it is on a desktop computer?

Or is it only a limited interface (sorry not really sure what word to use) like the smart phone app is - where I can't view or edit Pages, and cant view text describing a folder or gallery.

I need to be able to build & view pages as well as folders and galleries. Need the full functions of the Smugmug website - not the phone app.

Hope I have asked this logically and using the right words!

Thanks in advance for any tips.


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