"This photo not rendered" error when republishing images from Lightroom with only metadata changes

camnercamner Registered Users Posts: 109 Major grins

One of the nice features of the SmugMug Lightroom plug-in is that after a photo is published, if only metadata (keywords, caption, etc.) changes, then when the photo is re-published to SmugMug from Lightroom, only the meta-data is changed, and the photo itself does not need to be re-uploaded. This saves a lot of time.

Starting a few months ago, I noticed that when republishing images from Lightroom to SmugMug, with only metadata changes, there is now an error message that says "An unknown error occurred. This photo was not rendered." Of course, the statement is correct, and that the photo was not rendered (because it did not need to be), but in the past, this error was never thrown. As far as I can tell, however, all of the metadata that changed is correctly reflected on SM.

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