A few Galápagos Wildlife shots

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It's been a looooong time, DGRIN, too long in fact. Over a decade? Good heavens! I got out of the DSLR business for a while, so I've come with a peace offering for old times' sake. This place always had the nicest, most generous people.

From a somewhat recent trip, with a borrowed EOS R1 and nothing but beauty and perfection to point it at.

Yellow Warbler (Isla Santa Cruz):

Galápagos Land Iguana and the Galápagos Large Ground Finch (Isla Seymour Norte):

Blue-Footed Booby (Isla Seymour Norte):

Marine Iguana (Punta Suárez):

Greater Flamingo (Punta Cormorant):


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    denisegoldbergdenisegoldberg Administrators Posts: 14,286 moderator

    Welcome back!

    I love the yellow warbler.

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    David_S85David_S85 Administrators Posts: 13,220 moderator

    Oh WOW! What a set of shots. Where can we find more of these?

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    edited February 21, 2024

    Thank you David_S85,

    Here are some more:

    Frigatebird gliding above our boat:

    Galápagos Penguin (Isla Bartolome):

    Sally Lightfood Crab:

    I learned something about Macro that trip: it's harder than it looks and requires some skill that I have not yet garnered. So much to learn!

    Red-Billed Tropicbird (Punta Suárez, Española):

    Waved Albatross:

    Sea Lions (Isla Seymour Norte):

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    ziggy53ziggy53 Super Moderators Posts: 23,943 moderator

    Welcome, Welcome! Also glad to see you're still handy with a camera, and the Canon EOS R1 is quite a nice camera to return to.

    Lovely series of images. 👍👏

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    PindyPindy Registered Users Posts: 1,089 Major grins

    Ziggy53, long time no see!

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