Two Disappointing Images May Make a Reasonably Good Stereo Pair

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I had just received a Schneider lens and had been seeing what extension it need on my FF A7r3. I had placed an M39 to M42 converter on it and was using M42 tubes, including a helicoid for fine focus. 160mm between the back of the lens and the M42 to E adapter gave a FOV 35mm wide, 1:1. 210mm extension gave a FV 24mm wide.

I found a small colony of the slime mould Metatrichia floriformis at a stage ideal for testing the setup. Because the colony was small I transferred the lens and tubes to my EM-1, giving a FOV 2mm wide.

I took a series of images by flash, with the lens set at f11.

Here are 2 images which have parts in focus but not as much as I would like. Making a crosseye stereo transforms them. OH, if it was the image which was important I might have cropped out the fruiting body on the left.

This lens, without detailed checking, gives similar result to my 25mm Laowa but the later does not work at magnifications less than x2.5. So i hope it has some potential on my FF.

EM-1, M42 converter and tubes, Schneider-Kreusnach Componon-S 100mm f5.6. Twin flash.



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    e6filmusere6filmuser Registered Users Posts: 3,378 Major grins

    Some better images, at f16, from the following day, with some vertical cropping.


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