Desktop app: so so slow

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Hello. I had a work session where I had to upload hundreds of photos, divided into about 25 galleries, to share with colleagues. I was using ACDSee and was hoping to create an efficient workflow where the "categories" in ACDSee would become "Galleries" in SmugMug. Well, no luck there, so I had to create a gallery for each category.

Faced with the magnitude of the task, I opened 4 tabs of SmugMug in Chrome where I worked in parallel. Then I thought: Hey, there's this SmugMug app for Windows. Let's try it out.

It seemed perfect for creating a long queue of galleries. Except I quickly realized that uploading photos was incredibly slow. So much so that I continued to use the 4 Chrome tabs in parallel with the app to get it done, and even then, the 4 tabs were much more efficient and faster.

This seems abnormal to me.

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