RESULTS -- Mini Challenge #366 - Life After Dark

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I really loved seeing the variety of after dark photos that everyone submitted. There were so many really nice images that it was difficult for me to decide a winner. That's a good problem! I appreciate all the entries.

GrandmaR - My favorite of yours is the Moon From River Cruise. I love the moodiness in this shot and the moon's reflection in the water.

jwear - you have a nice partial eclipse shot

shawnc - I liked all 3 of yours. The wedding photo is really nice, but my favorite of yours is the Fireworks in Durango. I love the crispness of the feathery arcs of the fireworks lights.

sapphire73 - I also like all three of your entries, but my favorite is Maroon Bells Wilderness. I love the solitude, the stars, and the reflection. Such a peaceful image. However, I really really love your Beach in Rio even though that was not an entry. I almost considered it anyway and it would have been one of my contenders for the #1 spot.

bfluegie - Again, I like all 3 of your entries. The Moon and Three Planets is a really great scene, but the Bellagio is my favorite. I love how the structure is nicely lit and sharp and of course I love the fountain in the foreground. I've never been able to get a decent shot of any buildings at night and I even tried to get one of the Bellagio when we were in Vegas a few years ago. None of mine look as nice as yours.

sarasphotos - Lake Stamberg at Night is simply beautiful. This is another scene that I could picture myself just sitting and enjoying. But my favorite of yours is Evening in Torri del Benaco. I love the colors and composition of this image. Such a vibrant scene with all the people in the background enjoying a meal at a riverside cafe and all the boats in the foreground. Great composition.

GsPeP - Again, I like all 3 of your entries. My favorite is the Cologne Germany Bridge. I love the lighting, mood, and composition of this image.

Now to decide the winner. I will say that I managed to narrow it down to my top 4 and then flipped and flopped trying to decide how to place them. I changed my mind so many times (hence the delay in posting the results). I think I finally managed to decide which images kept drawing me back, so here we go.

Honorable Mention:

GrandmaR - Moon From River Cruise
sapphire73 - Maroon Bells Wilderness

3rd place: bfluegie - Bellagio

2nd place (tie): GsPeP - Cologne Germany Bridge
shawnc - Fireworks

1st place: @sarasphotos - Evening in Torrida del Benaco

I really loved all 6 of these images and I would have awarded 1st place to each one of them if I could. Thank you and congrats to all of you for posting such wonderful images for me to judge and big congrats Sara on your mini win. I hereby pass the torch to you.

I sure hope you all enjoyed this mini as much as I did.

Sherry Pollett


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