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imajicaimajica Registered Users Posts: 16 Big grins

I have not uploaded to my SmugMug account in a little while and now that I did, I notice something new, and not sure I like it. The way I normally upload, especially when only uploading a few photos at a time to an existing gallery is to navigate to the gallery, click upload, and send the files. When I close the dialogue after, the gallery refreshes and off I go.

Now, whenever I upload, it first changes the page to the organizer page, then the upload dialogue comes up. I upload, and when complete, I close the dialogue box. It then leaves me in the organizer screen. So then I have to click "show in gallery". I now have an extra step to do.

Is there a reason the upload process changed? I thought it was something on my end, so I cleared my cache and cookies. Logged back in. Same thing. So I tried another computer, which I do not normally go to Smugmug on and it did the same thing there. I much preferred it the way it used to be.



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    denisegoldbergdenisegoldberg Administrators Posts: 14,236 moderator

    The change was announced recently in the SmugMug release notes.

    In our commitment to align with the latest privacy standards within browsers, we’ve made improvements in the upload process for customers with a custom domain.

    Details at https://headwayapp.co/smugmug-release-notes.

    Here's how the SmugMug help desk can be reached if you'd like to contact them directly:

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    imajicaimajica Registered Users Posts: 16 Big grins

    That explains that. I just wish that it would leave me where I was when I started the process instead of dumping me in the organizer when that is not where I started off. Oh well.

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    AllenAllen Registered Users Posts: 10,010 Major grins

    Every time I drag a photo from my desktop to a gallery it opens the photo in a new tab and doesn't upload.
    If I drag multiple photos to the gallery its opens multiple tabs each with a different photos and no upload.
    This is total ridiculous.

    This completely destroys my work flow.. Working on photos I drag each photo as I finish it to gallery, and add caption and KW's.
    I copy a caption and KW from an adjacent photo a lot of the time. Going back to gallery would be a nightmare as it lands
    on first gallery page and not at the photo. Imagine searching maybe 50 pages looking for that photo to add a caption and KW?

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    AllenAllen Registered Users Posts: 10,010 Major grins
    edited March 30, 2024

    This is totally beyond ridiculous now.

    Click upload
    Opens upload screen
    Drag photos to screen > uploads (all I had to do before is drag photos to gallery, so simple)
    Click X > Opens Organize Gallery (Why the crap am on this page is beyond me????????????)
    Click View on Site
    Spend many minutes searching for photo/s uploaded to add cation and keyword.
    There could be many pages to look through like over 30.

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    David_S85David_S85 Administrators Posts: 13,177 moderator

    It takes literally two steps. Allen, I don't know what you are doing to make this so difficult, but nothing has changed except you're now in the organizer instead. Drag and drop in step one, click the new uploaded photo and caption it (optional).

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    AllenAllen Registered Users Posts: 10,010 Major grins
    edited March 31, 2024

    "View on Site" step takes me back to my gallery page one.
    Finding new photo/s just uploaded there takes time. I have some family galleries some over 50 pages long with over 1000 photos.
    I had to split that those into 2 KW's.

    I have eleven public keywords I had to split into 11 galleries because of the 1000 gallery photo limit.
    My yardbirds KW is at 4602 photos. Had to split into 7 galleries to stay under that 1000 limit.

    yardbirds_2008_and_earlier .. 906
    yardbirds_2009_10 ................ 537
    yardbirds_2011_12 ................. 669
    yardbirds_2013_14 ................. 883
    yardbirds_2015_17 ................. 652
    yardbirds_2018_19 ................. 540
    yardbirds_2020_up ................. 415 4602

    example of large gallery.

    Al - Just a volunteer here having fun
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