The Big Northern Lights Outbreak - May 2024!

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We're visiting family in the Kansas City, MO area, and got out Friday night to catch the Northern Lights. Drove about 30 minutes north of KC into farm country. Drove down some dark roads and found a place to park near this farm, using some silos as a foreground. The third shot is from about a half mile down that same road, shooting across a farm field. It was truly an amazing site!

This was our first time shooting the Northern Lights - not from lack of trying - and we've been looking at a trip early next year to someplace really up north, but it was amazing to get them this far south!

Please feel free to add your own shots!


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    Wow, really impressive Moose! The second shot is my fave of the htree.

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    edited May 14, 2024

    Good job there, John. So in about 35 days, you were able to bag both the strongest aurora display in 170 years, AND the total Solar eclipse. Not bad. Not bad at all.

    It was cloudy and rainy here, not that I'm at all pissed about that. 😡 😆

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    moose135moose135 Registered Users Posts: 1,419 Major grins

    Thank you! It has been an interesting few weeks for photographing natural phenomenon, @David_S85!

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