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shawncshawnc Registered Users Posts: 684 Major grins

This was certainly a "challenge"! Some wonderful TREES were posted, which makes my job that much more difficult. Thank you to all who participated.

@slpollett Wonderful images, though I am a bit partial to desert images such as Capital Reef NP image, but I think I like those wonderful Blues in a sea of bluebonnets

@Smithy I think your Wheaton Regional Park, Maryland image stands out for me. The California Palms brings back memories of growing up in So Cal.

@grandmaR The Jeffrey Pine in Yosemite c 1965 is what got my eye. I even see a faded Half Dome in the background. I spent many summers running around that glorious park.
Great Dominican Republic Image, love me some coconuts.

@Cavalier Lewiston, Idaho - finding beautiful Dogwood trees. Wonderful Blooms. I was surprised when I saw this image because we just got back from Lewiston about a month ago.
I really like the "A once beautiful, but lonely tree - Newcastle, Ca" Great composition.

@kdotaylor Some Great colors in that second image, The minimalist shot is lovely. The frozen tree is a real eye catcher.

@bfluegie I like the colorful trees, but I really like the "Boardwalk Trail through the trees" Reminds me of when I lived in the Southeast.

Third place goes to @slpollett for her Capital Reef NP . I like the comp and especially the setting. I have a softspot for the desert.

Second Place goes to @Cavalier for "A once beautiful, but lonely tree - Newcastle, Ca"

First place goes to @kdotaylor for Image number 2. tremendous color and composition. I was also drawn to your last image of the frozen tree.

Wonderful work everybody

It looks like you are up Kate @kdotaylor for the next mini Challenge!!


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    CavalierCavalier Registered Users Posts: 3,035 Major grins

    Congratulations @kdotaylor on the well deserved win. Looking forward to the next Mini.
    And thanks @shawnc for the 2nd place.

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    grandmaRgrandmaR Registered Users Posts: 1,952 Major grins

    Great mini. I know the Jeffrey Pine photo is not such a good photo as it is blown out in the background (or really dark so you can't see the details of the tree) but I entered it anyway because I thought it might be of interest. I didn't expect it to be picked, especially with so many other great photos

    Congratulations to @kdotaylor for a great winning photo.

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    bfluegiebfluegie Registered Users Posts: 744 Major grins

    @shawnc, great mini. I really enjoyed seeing all the wonderful trees. Congrats to Kate @kdotaylor for the win. What a lovely, colorful drive that must have been. Congrats also to @Cavalier for second place and @slpollett for third. Both great pics. And @grandmaR, I didn't make it to Yosemite until 1979, and it took me another 6 years to go to the top of Sentinel Dome. So, while I did get to see that tree in place, it had already expired. I always like to see pictures of it in its glory. The photo may be faded, but I think the juxtaposition of young and incredibly old makes a great photo.

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    sapphire73sapphire73 Registered Users, Super Moderators Posts: 1,948 moderator

    Great mini challenge, Shawn! Thank you for running it! And congratulations to @kdotaylor, @Cavalier and @slpollett on your winning entries.

    Our first place winner, @kdotaylor responded to the entry thread saying, "Wow, thank you so much! I am going out of town for a few days, and will start a new Mini when I get home. Kate."

    As some of you may have noticed, we are trying to be flexible about the length of the dgrin minis (2-3 weeks) and appreciate that a winner might need a little more time (than 72 hrs) to get the next one going. Hoping this makes it a little easier for people to continue participating!
    Thanks, Gretchen

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    SmithySmithy Registered Users Posts: 151 Major grins

    Awesome mini challenge. Looking forward to the next one! Thanks for the feedback.

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