Simple Upload API Code for Non-Coder

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First of all I should state that I am NOT a SW developer or coder. I am an amateur Sports Photographer and am looking for a way to upload pictures in real time from my Canon Camera to a specific Smugmug album (one I have set up for "Live" photos")

Since Smugmug does not support using ftp from my camera, my thought process is to ftp upload from the camera to a webserver that I have access to and then have the images uploaded to Smugmug from there. Thus I find myself in the world of APIs :)

I am looking for code to upload jpg files from a webserver to Smugmug. I have created the Smugmug API Key, API Key Secret, Token and Token Secret.

I have tried using Chat-GPT to get php code examples for the webserver. I've tried multiple examples but nothing seems to work. Reading the API documentation, I see that the Upload API is different than the other APIs.

Does anyone have an example of simple php or html code they could share that currently works on a linux server to upload jpg files to a Smugmug album? If I can get the upload code running manually, my next step would be to automate it so that new ftp uploaded files are pushed to Smugmug as they arrive at the webserver.

With working example code, I am pretty sure I can edit API keys, tokens, album IDs and jpg file server location to get it working for me.

Appreciate any help
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