Android app bugs

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Very bad experience here with the Android app.

Manually uploading some photos from a phone into a new gallery. Not crazy many - about 50. On my home WiFi which is very fast.

With 5 photos left, the process hangs. Two photos look like they're at the end of their upload (scroll bars are all the way at the end, but still there), the other 3 are waiting in the queue. After a few minutes, all 5 show error message "Not connected. Will retry later".

An hour later, no change: the 5 photos are still pending with the same error messages. Problems:

  • It's not retrying automatically
  • No way to trigger the retry manually ("Retry now" button, please)
  • There is a "Cancel all" button, but then there's no easy way to pick the failed photos with the photos picker for a new upload. The queue shows a thumbnail with date & time only, with no seconds. The picker doesn't show any details for the photos - not timestamps, not filenames.
  • In the past, I used to be able to pick all the same photos for upload again, and it would skip duplicates. Now, it uploads and keeps the duplicates. Probably because the photos are HEIC files, and SmugMug still doesn't support them properly. (It's been only about 7 years since this format got widely used by phones.)

Very frustrating experience, and all I'm doing is uploading 50 photos on a fast connection.

Are there any plans to start supporting HEIC files properly?

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