darktable 4.8.0 is out

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Darktable 4.8.0 is out

The summer (release) has arrived. Darktable now has a new tool for selective colour adjustment (color equalizer), can extend the image canvas (e.g. to fill areas after perspective correction) and overlay an image on the currently edited shot. Inside the darkroom, a new toggle switch makes it possible to process the whole image at full resolution, making sure the preview in the editor will reflect the exported output completely (at the expense of processing speed).

Other changes:

  • the secure password storage features of Windows and MacOS are now supported;
  • the snapshots in the darkroom now allow easy restoration of the history stack to whatever was used to create the snapshot;
  • the snapshot now takes masks into account, so differently versions of the image can be compared even when the only difference between them is the masks applied to processing modules;
  • speaking of masks, the highlight reconstruction module now can create a mask corresponding to pixels clipped at the sensor, making manual restoration easier;
  • the quick access panel (containing the user's favourite modules) can now be used to reset modules and activate presets;
  • CMYK support on the histogram;
  • fixed colour picker positions now take transformations and distortions into account, and will follow the pixels they are defined on;
  • workflow enhancements like being able to assign a custom text to colour labels and much enhanced performance of the Map view;
  • enhanced organisation and filtering on the lighttable (such as flash used or not, exposure program and metering mode);
  • enhanced Lua scripting capabilities;
  • bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Camera support:

  • better DNG support (CameraCalibration tags, used on some phones, for example);
  • newly supported cameras:

    • Canon
    • EOS R100
    • EOS R50
    • Canon EOS R6 Mark II
    • Canon EOS R8
    • Canon EOS Ra
    • Fujifilm
    • FinePix S9600fd
    • Fujifilm X100VI (compressed)
    • GoPro FUSION (DNG)
    • Leica SL3 (DNG)
    • OM System OM-1 Mark II
    • Panasonic
    • DC-TZ95D (4:3)
    • DMC-FX150 (4:3, 3:2, 16:9)
    • DMC-FZ28 (3:2)
    • Phase One
    • P25+
    • P45+
    • Ricoh
    • GR III HDF (DNG)
    • GR IIIx HDF (DNG)
    • Sony
    • ILCE-9M3
    • UMC-R10C
  • cameras with enhanced support (white balance and/or noise profile):

    • Fujifilm
    • GFX 50R
    • X-H2
    • OM System OM-5
    • Phase One IQ180
    • Sony ZV-1

Read the full announcement at https://www.darktable.org/2024/06/darktable-4.8.0-released/


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    kofakofa Registered Users Posts: 75 Big grins

    Meanwhile, the installation package for older MacOS versions (10.14 & 11.0) has also arrived: https://discuss.pixls.us/t/darktable-4-8-0-for-older-macos-versions-10-14-11-0/44145

    For Linux, there's now an AppImage available, so it can be installed immediately (no self-compile, no waiting for the distro or for an OBS package): https://www.darktable.org/install/
    If you don't know what an AppImage is: it's a single, executable file that contains the software with all dependencies and so on. You download it, make it executable, and run it. No installation or uninstallation procedures (simply delete the file to 'uninstall').
    Find out more on https://appimage.org/ under 'How to run an AppImage?' (search for that text or scroll down a bit).

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