Advanced Search misses some results?

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Since the recent change to the dgrin challenge threads, I have been using Advanced Search to search for entries using something like "Challenge 21" (using the double quotes) and searching The dgrin photo challenges. I tested the search the first day or so and it seemed to work fine (small number of entries at that time).

Today I noticed that not all threads are being returned from the search. If you perform the above search it returns 17 results, but misses threads with titles such as:

ineligible .. dgrin challenge 21 - after sundown
*Challenge 21 - Kingsington
*Challenge 21: 'Haulover Pier'

just to mention a few. Am I doing something wrong or is the search not working properly?



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    BaldyBaldy Registered Users, Super Moderators Posts: 2,853 moderator
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    Turns out the search engine only looks for words that are at least 4 characters long. Otherwise, search gets too resource-intensive as the site grows. So it is discarding the search term 21.

    Also, it only returns a certain number of results. Can't remember what it is, but if you have too many results it discards any over ___ (150?).

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