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What kind of camera do you use most... and why did you choose it? What is your dream camera/accessories? I see a few people have DSLRs. Is anyone professional or sold their work? What types of photos do you enjoy taking? Are there any types of potos your not so good at taking?


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    ~Rachel~ wrote:
    What kind of camera do you use most... and why did you choose it? What is your dream camera/accessories? I see a few people have DSLRs. Is anyone professional or sold their work? What types of photos do you enjoy taking? Are there any types of potos your not so good at taking?

    Rachel - welcome to dgrin. Folks here use all kinds of digital cameras from 2 Mpixel Nikon CoolPixes to the top of the line Nikon and Canon DSLRs. Many of us use the APS sized sensor in the Canon 10D or the Nkon D70. But I think most of us here would agree that good images come from the eye of the photographer rather than the camera. A really good camera just gives you fewer excuses for poor images.
    As for my own use, I have posted images shot with a Nikon CoolPix 995, a Canon G5, and several with a Canon 10D. All of these are better cameras than I am a photographer. Learn to use the tools you have well, and you can take great images. Hang around here a while and you will see all kinds of folks with all kinds of cameras taking great pictures. Camera lust afflicts us all from time to time, but learning to see and shoot well is more important. The most important accessory for really sharp images is a good tripod, not a better camera.

    I am an amateur photgrapher, but there are many pros here from time to time. I prefer landscape and nature and travel photography. I am probably less attracted to street and portait photgraphy.

    Some images are better shot with P&S (point and shoot) cameras and some with more sophisticated cameras . P&S are easier for shooting people and macros perhaps. DSLRs are bigger, heavier, noiser, more expensive and allow interchangeable lenses for different photographic tasks. But again, it is the user's skills that are most important.

    Show us some of your images, please. 1drink.gif
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    ~Rachel~~Rachel~ Registered Users Posts: 9 Beginner grinner
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    I have a Sony 717 which isn't top of the line but isn't at the bottom either. I like that I can shoot manual if I want (I am slowly learning). I keep hoping to find a group in AZ to learn from and hang out with. I've been taking photos since the third grade (many many moons ago).
    Recently we moved to AZ from Alaska, so the scenery has changed a lot Laughing.gif. It's a new challange. Kinda fun. Can be frusterating at times eek7.gif

    I think I take good photos of nature but I do not take good "people" photos. :( I honestly just do not have 'the eye' for people I guess.
    I do need to invest in another tripod. The one we had my BIL borrowed it (why I dunno as he doesn't own a camera or take photos) and busted the middle piece.

    I was just curious what people shot with and why they liked or disliked the equiptment they used.
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    I've seen a great many beautiful photos from the 717. So I have to believe it's an excellent camera. My previous camera was a Canon G3. It had the potential to make great images, but was slightly limited. I craved a camera with a faster shutter response, with a greater burst rate, higher ISO sensitivity, lenses with a great f-stop range, a zoom lens that was sharp... in otherwords, many of the standard challenges that crop up with consumer cameras.

    I eventually wadded up the dollars to buy a used Canon 1D, and get some lenses. Now, I don't always need a tripod, I can shot action very effectively, I can capture an expression while it's still there. etc. Am I satisfied? Is satisfaction part of the human condition? mwink.gif Of course not! I now crave the low noise at high ISO of the 1DmkII... and also whatever unknown merits its successors will have in the future!
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    I have a Nikon D100 dslr.

    I love it completely, it fits the way I shoot and is very comfortable for me. It takes great photos and rarely makes me wonder what happened when a shot comes out bad.

    I chose it because I switched to digital from film. I had a Nikon N90s and an F-801 film camera and when I tried the D100 it was like having my wonderful N90 in my hand... without the film cost. Plus all my lenses and equipment worked with it.
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    I use a Canon 10D. I am very happy with it, although I've been tempted by the new 20D. My collection of lenses keeps growing, but I think I need to slow down and really learn the lenses that I have. The shutter delay of the P&S cameras was the biggest reason for me to move to the DSLR. I got tired of missing expressions when taking pics of my kids. Hopefully the delay times will come down with the newer models. I am not a pro by any means, but I have sold enough pictures on my smugmug site to cover the annual costs of the site.
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    two guns here
    hey rachel

    i shoot with a canon 20d, canon 16-35L is my mainstay lens, but i love my 50 f/1.4 and my 70-200L is some of the sweetest glass canon makes.

    i also shoot with my sony f828, mostly for infrared (i had it modified for fulltime ir) and for street shooting, too, when i don't feel like hauling the 20d.
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