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I am uploading photos from a wedding, They were taken on three different cards so the file names/numbers repeat on the different cards. I tried to do a sort by time/daye which should put the pics in chronological order which is what I want. It seems to just jumble the shots in random order when I do this.

I want them to see them progress from start to finish by hate the idea that I have to go in and position them one at a time.

Is there something I am missing or should this be working. The shots all show my EXIF data including date.time so I dont get why it is not sorting them correctly.

Any help would be appreciated.

Brian Dehm


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    Hey Brian,

    I went through the gallery and checked a few photos on each page and they seem to be progressing chronologically to me.

    One possible explanation is we're sorting by the date modified field, which photoshop modifies as you re-save files... The reason we don't do the date taken field is many camera manufacturers don't use it or the owners of the camera don't set the dates on their camera. Maybe in the future we can check that field first then go to date modified when date taken isn't functioning.

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    Ahhhh, I see, it is sorting them in the order that I processed them instead of the order I shot them. If I understand that, then my only option would be to change the file names for the seperate cards, A-X.jpg for the first card and B-X.jpg for the second, etc.
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