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    Seeing this reminded me that I have, in the past, taken pictures for
    commercial events. While it was a commercial event the event organizers
    don't make money so I don't charge either. Some of the photos make it to
    the web where participants can download them.

    Someone made a calendar and used some of those pictures. They made
    money. While I like the fact my work was included, I dislike the fact that
    no courtesy or credit was given the source of the picture.

    I'm generally cool with the non-commercial use of my stuff. But now I
    include a copyright (more a copyleft) notice in my distributions for things
    like the above. PM me if you want to see the text.

    Unlike others, I don't make my living as a photographer. If I did, you
    can bet I would have had something more to say about the calendar
    and I'd be a better photographer :):

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    What Were They Thinking?
    I've know for ages that it was illegal for a bar to charge admission for someone to watch an NFL game. In addition, the bars have to buy the NFL Ticket package to get the rights to show the games on TV.

    I know that.

    So what on earth were these Las Vegas dufuses thinking when the lined-up big events with a per head charge, for people to watch the Superbowl? And then they act surprised when the NFL tells them it's a copyright violation.


    Vegas Casinos Cancel Super Bowl Parties

    LAS VEGAS (AP) - Casinos are canceling Super Bowl parties and handing out refunds to thousands of people after the NFL threatened legal action against some of the biggest hotels in Las Vegas.

    Several hotels received letters this week informing them that their parties were ``unauthorized use of NFL intellectual property.'' NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said the league recently became aware of these large-scale parties planned in Las Vegas and other locations around the country.

    ``When we become aware of a potential violation, we take action,'' McCarthy said. ``It's not a city issue, its a copyright issue.''

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