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1. In Journal view, why not eliminate or give the option to turn the image links off. I see no reason to allow clicking on the images in Journal view to take you to yet another page.

2. Ability to customize more things like... a) next/previous arrow images, journal line dividers, other common graphical elements and b) better breakdown of styles... right now if you change a style for one element, it changes the look of another totally unrelated section of the site. An organized approach to style-ising the different elements of the site is necessary.

3. Ability to set the background color of each gallery independently.

4. If you are using the display by Gallery view for your home page, feature gallery should not show up in the feature gallery section AND in the galleries section directly below it. It works fine if you are in disply by Category view but it needs refinement in the Gallery view.

Otherwise, smugmug is really working out well for me.


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    There are a lot of good ideas in your post Shutterhead. There are also some pretty good reasons to have the Journal style photos link to the larger photos. The obvious is to get to a larger image. Another is for videos. The video clips, for good reason, don't play on a journal page. You need to click on them to see them play. gs
    See you later, gs

  • BaldyBaldy SmugMug co-founder Mountain View, CaRegistered Users, Super Moderators Posts: 2,853 moderator
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    JT's next big project is customization, stylesheets, and many of the things you suggest. Originally we planned to have him do that after the new shopping cart was done, but we had so much demand for greeting cards we're doing that now and will get to customization right after.
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    Baldy wrote:
    ... but we had so much demand for greeting cards we're doing that now ...
    Greeting cards are a great idea.

    Will the ability to select several different images for some number of cards be

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