Mini review Lowepro Micro Trekker 200

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Been useing Lowepro's Micro Trekker 200 backpack for about two years now.
Bag is very nice bag for the price but remember you get what you paid for.
It holds almost all of my camera gear plus a cold drink via the bottle bag accessory.


This small bag holds an amazing amount of stuff.
Plenty of storage for accessories and has these little "SlipLock" loops (one for each side) for adding to your pac.


It also has a tripod holder located at the bottom of the bag.
This holder works best with a small tripod like the Manfrotto 714SHB and other "digi pods".
I have used it on a Manfrotto 3001 N and Gitzo G2228 and while it works you must be very careful when strapping it down.



My take on this bag is:
Good one for the price
Holds an amazing amount of equipment for a small bag
You can add to this bag
Comfortable for day hikes and around town

Not very well don't want to drop this bag
Not waterproof



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