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edited October 8, 2004 in Landscapes
sorry, I think I posted the others in the time comp - have just worked out what to do, wont happen again!!!

:roflhappily snapping


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    wxwaxwxwax Registered Users Posts: 15,471 Major grins
    edited October 8, 2004
    No sweat, it takes a while to figure the place out. I really like this shot. nod.gif And welcome to dgrin!wave.gif
    Catapultam habeo. Nisi pecuniam omnem mihi dabis, ad caput tuum saxum immane mittam
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    FreeUpsFreeUps Registered Users Posts: 135 Major grins
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    This shot is really cool. It has a real vintage look to it. Besides that digital deisplay on the bus, you could definately convince me that its at least 15 years old. biggrinbounce2.gif
    No time for the old in-out, love, I've just come to read the meter
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