Anyone else use the Olympus E1 pro digital?

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Hey all

I was just curious if anyone else used the Olympus E1 and what they think of it.

I love it. I have a lot to learn still.


PS How do I insert a photo in here?:dunno


  • Red BullRed Bull Registered Users Posts: 719 Major grins
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    Here is a thread on how to insert images

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    I have an e-20 and love it I have a 20d cannon but I am not going to give up the e-20.
  • FlippertyFlipperty Registered Users Posts: 1 Beginner grinner
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    I've been using an E1 with 14-54, 50-200 and 50 macro lenses since last February, am up to 6000 on the counter and it is helping me become a better photographer. I sweated about how much it cost, but it's the best money I've spent in the past decade. Are you new to the E1?
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