flowing water

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a fountain in the local shopping mall...
:roflhappily snapping


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    Nice capture. Just curious, any chance you could shoot the fame fountain with a tripod and a longer exposure? Would be cool to see the effect of the moving water running off the fountain. Might be some good practice too at longer exposures and comtrolling your camera more. Like the shot though.

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    a fountain in the local shopping mall...
    Very nice...like the crispness of the phot...looks more like icethumb.gif
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    I took the following image in Alaska this summer. I only post if because it illustrates two things with flowing water.

    1. I achieved the effect I wanted with the slow shutter speed. I wanted blurred motion in the water. I like the blured motion.

    2. Because of the framing in this picture, it is absolutely useless.


    The water runs horizontally through the middle of the image. Because I was zoomed in so close, there is not enough area to crop this into something interesting. The sad thing is, I did not take any more images at different angles and distances. What could have been something worth keeping turned out to be just a boring picture of water. It's gonna' cost me a lot of money to go reshoot it!

    Sorry, I don't mean to hijack this thread. Maybe it should go in the motion blur thread?

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