Problem uploading, why?

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When I try to upload a large number of photos.......anything over about 12, there is "an error". I find out after waiting an hour for the whole thing to upload. I have a bunch of photos to upload now for someone in DC. I don't want to do it 10 or 12 at a time.

Is it a memory problem that I have? Would there be another reason?

I have windows, Internet Explorer, and cable. 256mb of memory, getting 500 more tomorrow.

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    Hey Ginger, if you have a dial-up connection, it may be the problem. When I was on dialup, the darn thing simply wouldn't stay connected long enough for either big uploads or downloads.
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    Connection problems are definitely possible. The uploads can get interrupted by hiccups caused by a flakey connection or even a flakey wireless network.

    Surprisingly enough, AntiVirus software is the most common cause of getting your uploads interrupted though. Apparently the scanning manages to interrupt the connection just long enough for the upload to abort. I would try disabling it right before processing the upload.

    Good luck!
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