A visit with Frank Lloyd Wright

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While FLW is most often thought of in conjunction with large expansive homes and buildings he also considered the needs of the average working man and saw no reason why they too could not enjoy the benifits of well designed and interesting houses. Thus the Usonian house came into being. This is the Pope-Leighey House Usonian House that has been relocated to the property adjacent to Woodlawn Plantation in Va. Shot last weekend to try to get a little fall color, though it’s still a ways away in parts of DC.



In this one you can see how he liked to use cantilevers in his structures. In this house there are only two supporting structures, the kitchen area and one outside wall (just behind the entrance overhang to the far right) and a single interior column both built of brick from which the rest of the roof structures hang. All the other walls are “floating” in that they do not support the roof so he could put windows and doors in the corners of the house that when opened have no support beam thus the corner frormed by the closed doors or windows completely disappears when opened. Very cool.:D


detail of the back bedroom window


This one last shot below shows FLW love of, (some say demand of), detail, notice how all the screw heads line up in the same direction.


I’ll try for more pictures when I have more time and can maybe get some interior shots.

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