Copy Facility?

yvonneyvonne Snap Happy in LondonLondonRegistered Users Posts: 193 Major grins
edited November 1, 2004 in SmugMug Support

Is it possible to add a facility which allows us to copy our images from one gallery to another (like the current "move expert")? There are a couple of things I would like to move around and have in multiple galleries but it seems a pain to have to upload them all again.

Or does it already exist and I'm jsut to dim to find it?

thanks, Yvonne


  • yvonneyvonne Snap Happy in London LondonRegistered Users Posts: 193 Major grins
    edited November 1, 2004
    bump - any thoughts on this please?
  • paulbrockpaulbrock Major grins London,UKRegistered Users Posts: 515 Major grins
    edited November 1, 2004
    Agreed, though I think it would be better to have a 'shortcut' facility so you can have the same photo in more than one gallery - e.g. I would like to have all my aeroplane photos together, but some are from events such as car rallys, so I'd like to have the photos in both the airplane section and a section for the event itself.
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