70-200 weather sealed?

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It might be rainy this weekend and I have to photograph a buddy's race car for promotional pictures. I plan to put a large baggie over my Canon 20D body. But I think my 70-200/2.8L/IS is weather sealed, is that correct? So it will be fine out in a rain?

Any precautions I should take, or wait for another weekend?
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    I think most L lenses are weather resistant. That doesn't mean you shouldn't
    cover it though.

    Kata makes a rain cover that can be extended something like 20". It's
    reasonably inexpensive. Something like US$40. There are other covers
    that range over US$200.

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    I would cover it. The D20/10/30/60 Rebel bodies are not environmentally sealed and as such the lens has a gasket that forms a nice seal against the body but the body itself isn't...

    Now, if it was a 1D I would say don't worry as I spent the entire day in the rain with the 1D and a 300f2.8 at Spa and it was fine....(I had a waterproof jacket but left it at home in the US before we left - doh...)

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