Tamron 28-300

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Hi all,

Just a question from a newbie...what's your opinion of the Tamron 28-300 di lens? I'm a beginning photographer who made the jump to a Canon EOS 20d from a p&s Canon digicam.

Since I travel by motorcycle and love to take pictures of my journeys, the thought of a "one size does all" lens appeals to me.

What do YOU think?

Steve in So Cal


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    Hi Steve,

    I have had a 28-300 for the past year and its an OK lens. It does much better up to 200mm than when fully zoomed and its a tad soft wide open. You will get good results on bright days. If you are doing low light shooting a tripod or monopod would be a good idea. Its an excellent buy at its price. I'm about to sell my lens BTW (don't need it since I got my Sigma 70-200/2.8 and Nikon 80-400). Here's a sample shoot with the 28-300
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