FS: Pentax Film Kit (Comprehensive and RARE!)

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Hey all,
I recently aquired a pretty complete Pentax kit, and after some soul searching, thought that I might be better off selling it off to a more loving home than my now-digital-only kit (It has been many years since I deserted my Pentax film kit for Canon digital.)
This kit contains...

- Pentax Spotmatic SV body (works great!)
- Pentax Takumar 55mm f/1.8 w/ leather lens trunk
- Pentax Takuar 35mm f/3.5 w/ leather lens trunk
- Pentax Takumar 105 f/2.8 w/ leather lens trunk (love it!)
- Pentax Takumar 200mm f/3.5 w/ tripod ring and leather lens trunk
- Pentax Takumar 300mm f/4 w/ tripod ring and leather lens trunk (this is a GEM! It's amazing!)
- Metal hoods for glass (w/ leather cases)
- Ricoh flash unit (collapsing blade reflector, bare bulb)
- Walz FlashMaster flash unit (collapsing blade reflector, bare bulb)
- Flash bracket (a la the Stroboframe)
- Many, many filters, 46-49mm inclusive (Warming, cooling, UV, etc -- Black's, Hoya, etc)
- Pentax Spot meter w/ leather case (very cool)
- Weston light meter (I can't figure this one out)
- Flash pistol grip (so it's like a Metz flash gun almost...)
- Remote releases, leather straps, hard case, etc etc ... all the salient accessories
- Lots more little, crazy stuff like ballheads and wrist straps!

It's a beautiful, complete kit in very good repair. It belonged to a friend of a friend who is now deceased but was a hobbyist when he was in his middle years (would've been when the Spotmatic was new) but put the gear in storage a long time ago.

Asking price: Only $600!
While this is noticeably less than this kit is ACTUALLY worth, I have to pay rent soon, and my landlord doesn't accept "Awesome cameras!" as a payment option.

At only $600, this is a steal! $600 will get you what? A good flash, an okay lens, or a cruddy body... or, of course, an incredible, fabulous-condition film kit PROVEN to be reliable, valuable and a legend. Only $600 gets you a rock-solid body that'll go forever, FIVE pieces of the sharpest, most revered glass ever made, AND a whole kit of accessories you'll never find anywhere else. Got a 5D? Hop on ebay and grab an EOS > M42 adaptor and throw on a 300mm that will put the 300L through its paces, for a fraction of the cost. Plus, seeing "Takumar" on a lens is enough to make most experienced photographers do a double take ;)

Let's get this out before my rent is due, guys... someone steal this from me for $600 and we'll both win! :D

Picture (not inclusive, just picked some examples of the gear)

Some pictures...

The 35 f/3.5 w/ Hoya UV filter, caps, and trunk:

The 105 f/2.8 w/ Asahi UV filter, caps, and trunk:

The 55 f/1.8 w/ Asahi UV filter, cap, and the body it lives on:

The 200mm f/3.5, w/ Asahi UV filter, caps, tripod ring, screw-on hood and trunk:

The 300mm f/4 w/ Asahi UV filter (88 or 86mm), tripod ring, caps, integral hood and trunk:

All 5 pieces of glass:

Front elements of all 5 pieces of glass; as well, all filters removed for example:

Rear elements of all 5 pieces of glass:

Rear element of 200mm:

Rear element of 300m:

Rear elements of the 35, 55 and 105:

Screw on metal lens hoods for 35, 55, and 105, w/ leather cases:

The body itself:

Walz flash, w/ box, booklet and rain cover(?):

Ricoh flash, with box, booklet, reference card and leather case:

2 heads, warming filters, cooling filter, and a cpol:

The Asahi Pentax Spotmeter:

Weston Master IV Flash Meter w/ leather case:

Weston Master IV Flash Meter rear array:

Misc. accessories, including flash brackets, flash grip, c-clamp ballhead, angle-finder, wrist strap, replacement flash shoe for the body, and remote release cables:

The bag that comes with it:

Please note that items are provided AS IS. I have endeavoured to test them, but many are beyond my experience. For example, all glass stops down and focuses properly. The body will advance film smoothly, the self-timer function is fine and the shutter operates cleanly. The meters and flashes, I have absolutely no idea how to use; I assume the meters require new batteries. Large leather lens trunks have significant wear; small leather lens trunks are in excellent condition. All glass is fungus free; the dust visible in the photos is on the exterior side of the UV filters (I have a dusty apartment.) Aperture blades seem smooth and operational. Both heads move fluidly and lock tight. All filters have working threads. Both the 200mm and 300mm have very minor wear marks on them (small rub marks and a nick or two) but nothing that is immedietely noticeable or affects operation in any way.

Please note that I am aware that the value of this kit far exceeds $600; the large UV filters ALONE are worth almost half of that; the 200mm and 300mm easily push over the $600 mark. However, I would like to move this kit. Therefore, I reiteratre: this kit is ONLY $600, with the buyer paying shipping and paypal fees (if CDN buyer, Interac Email Money Transfer is preferred.)


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    pentax spotmeter
    that spot meter is a collectors item-worlds first spotmeter-check the prices on keh.com-you could probably sell it to them for a reasonable sum

    good luck with the sale
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    KEH is just too much trouble -- I'd rather deal with a dgrinner! Thanks though :)
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    Still available?
    If the kit is still available let me know, thans Bob at nanthor@hotmail.com
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    KEH sucks, I had a brand new in the box F5 for sale back when they were still $1799 new and they offered me $400. Bah.

    This is a nice kit.

    One day a Canon 1DsII, 24/1.4L, 35/1.4L, 50/1.2L, 85/1.2L and 300/2.8L will fetch the same. Scary.
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