SOLD: Nikon 300 f2.8 AFSII + TC-20EII + monopod package

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Nikon 300mm f2.8 AFS II plus TC-20E II. Both in excellent condition.

First the lens - 300 f2.8 AFS II

USA Model - only few bright marks at the lip of the barrel where the hood attaches, and a few bright marks at the edge of the tripod foot. Otherwise, the lens barrel is very clean, and glass is mint - no dust, very clean.

The carbon fiber hood has some marks here and there ( i can never keep the nikon hood from getting marks?). No dents, only rub marks..

Comes with hood, front protective pouch, rear cap, soft case ( a tiny bit fading on top material from sun), carrying strap, manual, warranty card, double box packaging.

I will also include the Kirk LP-1 lens plate that i use with this lens.

Teleconvertor - TC-20EII

not sure if its USA or import. Excellent conditon overall. there is a faint hairline mark on the barrel (only see it when viewed at an angle).

Comes with both caps, manual, box packaging.

Price: $3275.00 shipped in the US, paypal echeck only, unless you wish to pay for 3% extra fee.

Also added to the package is Manfrotto 679B with Kirk QR clamp which works great with the included Kirk lens plate.
here are pics:



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    Outstanding lens and a great package. Somebody please buy it fast.
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    Here are my prices on each item:

    300 f2.8 AFS II with Kirk Lens plate - $2900.00

    shipped in the US using paypal echeck

    KEH currently has one for sale at $3249.00 in the same condition.

    TC-20EII - $250.00 shipped in the US
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    sale pending on all
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    Still pending or SOLD?
    Still pending or SOLD?
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    soyotom wrote:
    Still pending or SOLD?
    when zoom says pending, its usually a done deal... I'm marking this one SOLD unless I hear otherwise.
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