My Xmas API wish list

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Current API allows us to do following
  • login/logout
  • obtain a list of categories
  • obtain a list of subcategories for a given category
  • obtain a list of albums (anlong with their cats/subcats:-)
  • create an album
    :huh (BUG with public/showfilename options!)
    :wink (MISSED: not all options are available, e.g. view large size)
  • upload a file to an album
What I would really like to see in the (nearest;-) future is:
  1. API to manage categories/subcategories
  2. API to obtain the stats
    all/by category/by subcategory/by album/by image
  3. API to obtain a list of images for a given album
  4. API to obtain and manage album properties (in addition to creation). For instance, it would be great to be able to obtain such things as creation/last modification date, number of images, etc.
  5. API to obtain individual image properties (exif info, name, title, existing versions, hits, etc.)
  6. API to download file/files
  7. API for seraching
  8. API for sorting/arranging/renmaing/moving images within and between albums...
I wonder if is this something what already has been planned since day one?
In any case, I understand that engineers are usually quite busy. However, I would really like to hear from you guys as to the whether this can or caanot be done within some foreseeable future, and, if I'm lucky, when - approximately - can I hope to see at least some of them.

The reason of my asking is that I need to plan the app I'm working on and I really-really need to know what I will be able to do and what shall be postponed until "phase 2"...

Many thanks in advance, I like what I see very much, I hope together we'll make smugmug photosite #1
Cheers! :lust
"May the f/stop be with you!"
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