With Christmas time comming around the corner...

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And a wife approved budget of $1,000 USD....

I am seriously considering getting the Olympus E300 EVolt..

Now, I am not 100% new to digital photography, but I AM pretty new to the dSLR world...

For example,
• 3-point TTL Phase Difference Detection
• Automatic or manual point selection
• EV 0 to 19 (ISO 100) detection range

This is listed under the Focus specifications.
I have zero idea what these mean.
For the most part, however, I understand 80% of the specs of the camera.

My MAIN Question is, Is the camera worth the pricetag?
I know the camera is not in production yet (ETA Christmas. :-)), but does anyone here have an opinion or two they would care to share?

Is it one of those 'too good to be true' things?
Or would this be considered a 'safe' buy?

Many Thanks



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    The specs of the camera are not bad. The price is not bad either... 8 MP DSLR for under a grand? Not bad.

    Dpreview doesn't have any sample images.

    The biggest concern I would have is the availability of accessories, lenses and such. I think the current lens selection for this camera is a little short. I dont think the aftermarket lens companies (sigma, tamron etc) are offering their lenses with a mount for this camera (yet) and they may never.
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