SOLD: Nikon D1H with 3 month warranty

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Hi Guys! As always, I can provide references. I am looking to get $550 shipped for this bad boy. Will also entertain a trade for a D50 (wifey needs a camera). Email me at chris at nrchris dot com

You're looking at my used Nikon D1H digital SLR camera. I hate to let this one go, but I have too many cameras right now. It has just been serviced by Mack Camera, it had some electronic components replaced. The camera is under Mack Warranty until the end of November, I will cover the $10 to transfer the warranty to the buyer. Camera is in good cosmetic order and perfect working order. It is rare for this camera to have all of the plastic covers included--this one does. It is missing the bottom rubber footing, which shouldn't matter, I always have a QR clamp there anyway. As you see, included are the charger, a Nikon stock battery and a Battery Barn aftermarket battery--both of which are about one year old--and hold a good charge. Also included is the stock battery charger, firewire cable for use with tethered shooting, all body caps, and the Mack warranty. I will guarantee this camera to not be DOA, after that it goes through the Mack warranty. (There are no known issues with this camera) I can also check into extending the warranty with Mack if you are interested--not sure if they do this though....










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