Weekly Assignments: index, rules, etc.

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2010 Fall Update

It's been a long run since we started. I think we covered most of the basic stuff.
From now on I'm primarily going to concentrate on portraiture/lighting/postprocessing techniques relevant for photographing human subjects.
If it's not your cup of tea - the older assignments are still "open" and you're welcome to participate in any of those (and I promise to respond:-)

Fresh pictures only (as in "no archives" unless explicitly requested).
No "unauthorized equipment" usage - if not sure, ask.

Weekly Assignments

We have weekly assignments going on.

This post serves as a common ground for all of them, as well as the index chart.

Basic rules
  1. Follow the assignment subject.
    If the subject is "red", posting a generally bluish image and explaining that you, in fact, were thinking of red while pressing the shutter may not necessarily cut the cake...
  2. There are no winners, no voting, no competition.
    Hence there is no need to be afraid to post a not-centerfold quality image as long as it complies with Rule #1
  3. Fresh images only, please.
    Please don't use your archives even if they match the subject perfectly.
    The idea is to "go and shoot".
  4. While there are no entry deadlines, new assignments normally come out around Friday, so you have the full weekend and the rest of the next week to shoot it - that is, before the next one comes out and becomes the hot shot of the week:-).
  5. You're welcome to participate in the "past" assignments in case you've missed them, but your pictures still have to be freshly taken.
    Meaning: you should only submit a picture that you took AFTER you became aware of the particular assignment.
    And since we getting a new subject each week, it may be a good idea to start fresh and catch up later.
  6. Post processing is OK (in moderation, unless otherwise specified:-).
    We all want to see and produce a good looking image regardless of the assignment subject. Dust removal, distracting objects cloning, curves, layers...
    All in all, process as your heart desires, but try not to cheat: if a subject is "red", creating a red overlay in PS over a midday seascape is not considered "rule #1 compliance" :-)
Assignments Index
  1. Simple Shapes and Lines
  2. One
  3. Three
  4. Stone
  5. Tilted
  6. Extreme Crop
  7. DOF
  8. Shutter Speed
  9. Reflections
  10. Shadows
  11. Frame in Frame
  12. Orange
  13. Field
  14. Stairs
  15. Panning Blur
  16. Specular Highlights
  17. Windows
  18. Guesswork
  19. Holidays
  20. Low Angle
  21. Into the Light
  22. Glass
  23. Leaves
  24. Crowd Control
  25. Empty Bowls
  26. Triangles
  27. Straight Up
  28. Spring
  29. Frame-By-Frame
  30. Half
  31. 90-60-45
  32. Save your worst shot
  33. Series
  34. Vanishing Point
  35. Chrome
  36. Still Water
  37. Fill Flash
  38. Food
  39. Profile
  40. 40mph
  41. Half-Moon
  42. Towel
  43. Twilight Zone
  44. Fire
  45. Wide and close
  46. Feet
  47. Dew
  48. Heavenly Grounds
  49. Storyboard
  50. 50
  51. Eye of Beholder
  52. Cover Girl
  53. 5-3-1
  54. Midnight Sun
  55. Faux Reflection
  56. Time Flies
  57. Duotone Portrait
  58. Jewelry
  59. Inside Out
  60. Open Flame
  61. Holiday Card
  62. Christmas Lights
  63. Paper
  64. Chess
  65. Beauty of a Blade
  66. Liquid Surface
  67. Out of Scale
  68. Falling
  69. Midterm Challenge
  70. Concentric
  71. Steam
  72. Candelit Portrait
  73. Umbrella
  74. Catching The Rainbow
  75. Palm
  76. Flow
  77. Workplace
  78. Upside Down
  79. Groundhog
  80. Dust To Dust
  81. Good Light, Bad Camera
  82. It's Not the Size...
  83. Fireworks!
  84. Comp Card
  85. Street Lights
  86. Submerged
  87. Art of Noise
  88. 8.8.8
  89. Boxes
  90. Ad Infinitum
  91. Best Angle
  92. Tyme Cover
  93. Shallow
  94. Mirror, Mirror On The Wall
  95. Show Your Mug
  96. Be Your Worst Nightmare!
  97. Blown Out
  98. Learning The Ropes
  99. 99 Bottles
  100. Hall Of Fame
  101. Sun Behind Leaf
  102. Outdoor Holiday Decor
  103. Natural High Key
  104. Take A Match
  105. Single Light Portrait
  106. Silverware Ad
  107. Obamicon
  108. Edge Silhouette
  109. Laser Beam
  110. Extreme BW
  111. Trinity
  112. Spot Lighted
  113. Jumbotroned
  114. A Hard Week's End
  115. Tron, Alice, etc.
  116. Unlikely Shadow
  117. WB Extreme
  118. LAB it, baby!
  119. Hairlight
  120. Wide and Long
  121. Wrap It!
  122. Stack It Up!
  123. No, not the fireworks!
  124. Clamshell
  125. Translucent
  126. Stroboscope
  127. Time Lapse
  128. Isolate
  129. Phylter
  130. Pinhole
  131. Progress
  132. Measuring Candlepower
  133. Newstextures
  134. High Noon Shooting
  135. Something Wrong...
  136. Dashboard Cover
  137. The Men Who Stare At...
  138. A World in a Glass
  139. Curb Appeal
  140. CD Cover
  141. Symmetry
  142. Ring Shot
  143. Sound
  144. Spiral
  145. Dashboard
  146. Dissolved Portrait

    Starting from #147, most of assignments are about portraiture: lighting, posing, postprocessing, etc.

  147. 1-2-3
  148. Nightmare 2010
  149. 12 in 1
  150. Tough Room
  151. 24
  152. Sunset Silhouettes
  153. Legs Unlimited
This message is regularly updated as the new subjects become active.
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