colour infrared-lawn bowlers

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Here is a shot from the Fitzroy Lawn Bowling Club,in Melbourne.
The club has been successful in attracting some younger players to a game which was traditionally a retired persons activity.

They won't let me on the green though,so I had to use my telephoto-which I now find works quite well with IR if the sun is bright enough.The autofocus would not work with winter sun but is fine now we are in summer.

If I get the right shoes I may be able to get onto the green ,so that I can get in a little closer.

1/60th ,iso 100,hoya R72,sony mavica 500,tripod.
Latitude: 37° 52'South
Longitude: 145° 08'East

Canon 20d,EFS-60mm Macro,Canon 85mm/1.8. Pentax Spotmatic SP,Pentax Super Takumars 50/1.4 &135/3.5,Pentax Super-Multi-Coated Takumars 200/4 ,300/4,400/5.6,Sigma 600/8.
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