sekonic meter question.

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Not sure if I should put this in photography 101 or here (as it's not really a beginners question).

I use a sekonic light meter, and 2 Elinchrom 500 flash heads when on location.

Recently at a wedding, I started getting an ERR message on my meter (I've lost the manual), and also some freakish readings like F48 on 100 ISO with T200s ! So I'm assuming that there is too much light for meter - is this a correct assumption to make?

Problem is, this happens even when I've got the flashheads right down to the quarter setting, and/or turned away from the subject bouncing back through a brolly.

So basically I'm confused why it keeps happening.

I ended up shooting with bracketing and using the on camera meter (in other words, guess work/trial and error), where I didn't seem to have too much light so I'm not really sure what's happening.

Any clues? Anyone had problems like this before? Or should I just chuck the meter in the bin and get a new one??? (I did try putting fresh batteries in, but it wasn't the batteries either).
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