mini-review: fred miranda's canon 20d sharpening plugin

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i like it. li like it very much. have tried it on a bunch of images. what i really like, as with all fred's plugins, is that you have total control, and the gui is really simple, too. you choose high or low iso image type, you choose the level of sharpening you want, you choose whether you want to minimize the effects of noise caused by sharpening, and presto switcho, it's done.

fred, i give you my highest rating, five snowmen!

the original, straight from adobe camera raw:

photoshop unsharp mask (300, .4, 0):
(notice all the added noise?)

fred's action, sharpening level 3

fred's action with color noise reduction turned on (noise minimized as much as possible)

you can order the action here and there's a description, screen shots, examples right here

i have several of fred's plugins, they really are first rate. congrats fred, on a fine job! :bow
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