Pro Wedding - Sony F-828

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Hello All,

I was fortunate to be this lovely Bride's Pro Photographer for her wedding day this past July.

The warmth and hospitality that all of the participants and guests expressed truly made for a wonderful wedding day for this couple.

I shot exclusively with my Sony F-828.

Regards, Nicholas


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    outstanding work Nicholas!
    Good shots man! I can see the couple were very happy on that day and I think they will be very pleased with the outcome of the photos!! Perhaps one slight remark, if I may: sometimes the dress or the tux or both have been a bit overexposed (that's white for ya mwink.gif) I don't know the RAW speed of the F828, but I would defenitely shoot RAW in these circumstances to have more latitude to bring down the exposure on the dress a bit. You have very good photos, if you'd have mad a slight adjustment to the tux and dress, it would have been killer shots thumb.gif
    clap.gif thanks for sharing the results!!
    *In my mind it IS real*
    Michiel de Brieder
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    Beautiful couple. nod.gif

    I agree, some of the whites are a bit hot. But you did a great job. You have more courage than I do... I wouldn't dare shoot a wedding, for fear of making a muck of things.
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