Adirondack Pics

GKRichieGKRichie Registered Users Posts: 3 Beginner grinner
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I took pictures from my trip to the Adirondacks this August. go to click on "Lake Placid August 2006" Let me know what you think. I'm new to photography. I'll take criticism and suggestions. All these photos were taking with a Kodak point and shoot camera. Nothing fancy.


  • mmrodenmmroden Registered Users Posts: 472 Major grins
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    Hi GK--

    These are some very nice photos. Some of the first few are begging to be stitched together into a set of panoramic shots, since they seem to be covering the same field of view.

    As for the shots of people, it might be a good idea to put them on one side or another of the frame, so that we can see what's behind them.
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