WTT: Nikon AF film body for older Nikon Lens

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I have a Nikon N2020 camera body. It's nothing special, just a good basic auto-focus body. I used for a little while in college for B&W photography. I have no complaints. It shoots in either Manual or Aperture Priority and has shutter speeds ranging from Bulb to 1/2000. It gets 2.5 FPS in continuous, but I doubt anybody's going to be using it to shoot sequences. It's in good shape, still looks nice. fresh batteries. a little brassing on the bottom but nothing major.


I just want a nice sharp nikon lens. Doesn't Necessarily have to be AF. I was thinking about something along the lines of a 35 ot 50mm fixed focal length but I'm really open to anything.

I'm broke right now so it would be a big help

email me at jcvasilis@gmail.com

All I have is a Sigma 28-200 which is great for shooting action, but it's not very sharp. I really need something that can take a crisp picture.
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