Australian Odyssey: Perth

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Although the entire country is beautiful, and peopled by the most wonderful residents, I would have to say the highlight of our trip was Perth and Fremantle. My wife and I traveled to Australia to visit my mother's sisters and brother, my aunties and uncles. As my mother had passed away, we wanted to pay our respects as well as explore my mother's birthplace, somewhere that has undoubtedly influenced me in ways I couldn't understand.

Our very first occurance in Perth was to be met at the airport by aunties and cousins--what a warm welcome! From the airport we traveled to Aunty Pat's for tea. Her sister, my Aunty Sheila, who is only 90, met us there. Isn't she a beauty?



This is my favorite shot of Perth, taken at a chilly 10:00 p.m. or so.


Here's Iz and I taking a stroll through King's Park, a place where my mother and father (a U.S. sailor stationed on a submarine tender in 1942) spent a great deal of time.


This is a famous Australian bush known as a "blackboy." I'm told that's not considered PC these days, but there you have it--and I mean no offense. It certainly has a better ring to it than "Xanthorrheoa Australis."


The war memorial at King's Park.



One of a bazillion Eucalypts.


I like this improptu portrait of my wife; unfortunately, I accidently left my ISO set at 800. It has taken me a long time to get used to changing and resetting my ISO.


Perth street scene.


Perth in daylight.


This is an observation tower in King's Park. I include it here for two reasons: One, to point out that these are amazingly common in Australia. They like to climb up higher and have a look about; and two, this one is made to look like a double helix.


People often joke that tourists think kangaroos are hopping down main street. That's what makes this public art so delightful.


Blatant, unapologetic souvenir shopping.


Perth street scene.


Like all dutiful tourists, we still wanted to see some kangaroos. Zig and Dino, my cousins, were happy to oblige but taking us to Pinaroo Memorial Park, a cemetary with "natural" grounds that the kangaroos are quite fond of.



St. Patrick's Basillica in Fremantle, the site of my parent's wedding some 62 years earlier.


The old boy's school across the street.


My cousins ordering tea at Culley's Tea Room, a business that was likely there when my mother was a young woman.


Delicious meat pies. Thank goodness for image stabilization.


Classic Fremantle architecture.


The Fremantle Town Hall, opened in 1887 to honor Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee. This is also the site of many of my mother's dance competitions; she was the four-time Irish step-dancing champion of Western Australia.


Fremantle Town Hall, lit with a single 430EX.


Fremantle Town Hall.



A Ford Anglia Deluxe, manufactured in the year I was born, 1961. I'd never seen one of these before.


My cousin Joan's lunch. The rest of us had fish and chips.


The aforementioned cousin Joan, named for my mother.


Fremantle war memorial to submariners.


The Western Australia Institute for Deaf Education. Sadly, the school was closed for holidays during our visit. My wife and I are both affiliated with Deaf culture and Deaf education.


I like this shot of Aunty Pat who had us over for dinner one evening.


What more can I say about this?


Aunty Sheila sneaks a glass of wine.

Perth was a great city to visit, both for all the family we were able to visit, but also for the wonderful vibe that eminates from this, the most remote major city on the planet. Not if you have a chance, but make it a point to visit Perth. You'll be glad you did. The rest of the pictures are here.

Once again, thanks for reading. C & C are welcome. The trip is winding down. Next up: a tour of Australia's Southwest.
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    To the Aboriginal people this plant is known as Balga which in their language means "Black Boy" IMO the PC people shot themselves in the foot with this one.
    In an earlier post you mentioned that you stayed at Watermans while in Perth, one of my favorite little beaches.
    Thanks for sharing i've enjoyed following your series across the country.
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    Looks like a great trip! I love the double helix lol3.gif

    thanks for sharing thumb.gif
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