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Hi -- a while back I wrote a quick and dirty album downloader in Perl that scraped the HTML from your albums, grabbed links to the originals, and used curl to download the images.

One drawback to the hack was that it didn't get your files back to their original filename.

Well, I finally sat down, figured out this Smugmug API thing, and wrote myself a new version.

Basically it works like this: --login login --password password

If you use John Ruttenberg's great for uploading, your .smugmugrc file with login: and password: should work for as well, meaning you won't have to use --login and --password every time you call this script.

It requires a few fairly standard Perl modules (XML::Simple, Getopt::Long and File::Spec) and it makes calls to curl to actually talk to the Smugmug website. These come standard on most Linux/FreeBSD boxes, as well as OS X. You might be able to get this script to work in Windows as well, but I don't have the time nor inclination to test this.

Here's the link:

Feedback welcome. Enjoy!


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