Critique my shots.

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I'm just looking for some comments on my shots.

They are a mix of trees, buildings, bridges, and other misc. things.

This is my 'best of' gallery:

Feel free to look at the other galleries also.

Thanks for any comments. :)

A couple examples:




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    tsackmann wrote:
    I'm just looking for some comments on my shots.

    First, post larger. Medium or large. Small is just too...small!

    I like your shots, I think you've got something there.

    The first is admirable for being one of those shots that doesn't really have a subject--nothing to focus on. It almost works as that, but just misses. Maybe it's the empty feeling in the upper left corner? I don't know. These are the kind of shots that I always try to take--to find something that's not obvious and make it something, and I never succeed, so I'm probably not the right person to comment on it ;)

    But you do need comments, so I'm going to bluster on...

    I like the boat, but the composition is off just slightly. You're standing off of the perpendicular. I think that you're right on the border. If you were spot on it would be great, and if you were farther off center, that would work, too. But now it just seems to be tilted. Maybe you could fix it with a little rotation.

    There, I said it. Hope it wasn't too harsh, because I really do like your shots and I admire the good work that you've put into them.
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    I like the monochromatic feel of the boat shot. I don't think you need so much sky in the picture though. If you had shot from a lower angle you could have included more of the dock and water while keeping the camera level with the horizon. You might try cropping out a bit of the sky and see how you like it.

    The building shot has a lot going for it, but as the others have said, it just seems to be lacking something.
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