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Does anybody have a suggestion on the best type of photo paper to use when making large (8x10 and larger) prints on an Epson 2200? The Epson papers to choose from would be the Premium Luster, Semigloss or Glossy or the Enhanced Matte. The latter would require the Matte Black cartridge instead of the Photo Black cartridge. Any thoughts on these papers or perhaps even a paper from another manufacturer? Thanks.


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    I'm sorry, hopsdoggie, could you go into more detail? lol3.gif Great answer.
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    Thanks for the thorough answer, Molsondog. That really helps to clear up some of the questions I had.thumb.gif
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    Molsondog wrote:
    Sorry. I'm in the paper biz. It's rare that a question pops up that I have a clue about. Gotta jump on it, ya know.
    Hi Doggie,

    I have been using Office Max's own Satin Finish photo paper and I liked it but can't get it any more... I have a CanonS600 that sometimes prints out beautifully and then sometimes (depending on the paper I spose) it don't... I've noticed some vertical streaking (very faint and fine) when printing out plain blue sky.. what would you suggest to replace a satin finish paper..ne_nau.gif I'm pretty paper higorant..
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    Molsondog wrote:
    The words Satin and Matte are often used to describe the same thing: A non-glare surface with coating on it. Canon, H-P, Epson and the others all make a Matte. Try a small pack as an experiment. Ilford makes a "Pearl" finish which is rather nice.

    Re: The streaks in the blue. I suspect that the culprit here is the blue cartridge. Some of the little coating particles from the paper or some stray debris may find a way into the ink system. If your printer has a "cleaning" exercise, try that.

    Also - A correction. Earlier I referred to the Luster as the low-gloss paper, high gloss ink choice. Premium Luster is the highest gloss stuff for some producers, H-P I think. Kinda like Kromekote. These marketing terms will drive you nuts. It's different in the printing paper business.
    Thanks so much woof, now can you tell me if all gloss papers curl up!! my nice Office Max did not and I can't get it, this crappy thin gloss expensive bloody stuff is driving me up the wall:bash
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    Molsondog wrote:
    The nice Office Max stuff probably had coating on both sides. The cheap glossy stuff is likely coated on one side. Get the coated two-sides stuff and it will stay flat. Paper fibers are like little sponges. They soak up moisture in humid times and lose it in dry times. They get fatter or thinner. With coating on one side, the paper will curl towards the coated side in humid times and away from it in dry times. The coating protects the one side. That's why it curls. Coating on both sides equalizes it. No curl unless you drop it in the sink.
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